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Boats for Sale: The Butler Chain

We get asked a lot by customers if we ever sell our rental pontoons. Of course we do! We maintain the newest and most luxurious rental fleet by ‘flipping’ the fleet every other year or so. Generally speaking, we will sell our pontoons after two years in service (sometimes three, depending on the pontoon). How…

Sunset Cruise on the Butler Chain

Sunsets are one of the most beautiful times of day in Florida, and even more breathtaking on the water. What better way to enjoy the evening than to have someone drive you around in a pontoon while you sip a glass of wine and take in the beauty. Sounds great right?! It is true. Sunset…

Are there restrooms on board the pontoon?

No. Our pontoons do not have restrooms on board. There are portable restrooms at all boat ramps, including the Keene Park boat ramp where we launch. You may use them before, after, or at any point during your reservation. All other marinas on the Butler Chain of Lakes are private, so plan accordingly. There will be a Point of Interest map on board that also marks these Restrooms.

Do all the pontoons have a cover for shade?

YES. All of our pontoons have a Bimini Top as standard providing shade for the Driver and back seats. It may need to be reclined for bridge clearance during the rainy season. Our staff will show you how to operate the Bimini Top upon arrival.

Do you rent anything other than pontoons?

No. We only rent pontoons as we feel they are the safest type of vessel to operate on the Butler Chain of Lakes.

Can we have more people on board than what the boat can hold?

NO! Each boat is Coast Guard rated for a certain amount of people AND a certain weight capacity. Neither can go over. For instance, our 10 passenger pontoons have a max weight capacity of 1410 lbs. If you reach 1410 lbs with only 8 of your guests, then the max capacity you can have is 8. If you have 10 people already on board and you are still not at 1410lbs, that does not mean you can have 11. The max is EITHER the max number of people or the max weight, whichever comes first. Please call us if you have concerns about this question as overloading the boat with weight can create a dangerous situation.

Is someone at the Dock when we return the pontoon?

Yes. This is why getting a head start so you can be on-time for your Return is critical. Our staff will meet you at the Ramp to park the boat when you return. Our staff will go over the return procedure during the arrival briefing.

Is there a place we can grill out not on the pontoon?

NO. Grills on Bird Island in Lake Butler are discouraged as it is a Wildlife Preserve, and the Orange County Sportsman’s Association on Lake Sheen is a Membership ONLY event space, not affiliated with our rental company. HOWEVER, there is a Food Pontoon (Waterside Eats) that grills out on the water ever weekend!

Can we keep the boat overnight?

Unless you have a residence on the lake (AirBnB/VRBO are welcome) and are renting the boat for multiple days consecutively, you CAN NOT keep the boat past 7pm. Boat dock parking locks at Dusk. Without proper training and experience, operating any boat in any water at night is dangerous. You can not see the debris in the water, No Wake and Shallow Water Bouys.

Do you rent any Jet Skis?

NO. We feel strongly against renting jet skis. Without proper experience, jet skis can be extremely dangerous. Jet ski accidents are 3 times more common than any other boating related accident.

Do you offer a large party boat for events?

NO. Our largest pontoon boat holds up to 10 people max. We do not currently have a vessel suitable for a larger number of guests.

How do we handle the Wait List

Weekends through the summer are a hot commodity. Saturdays will sell out June-August a month in advance some weeks.   This year we created the waitlist. It has worked great and has relieved some pressure off our cancellations (which we honestly do not get many). We do want to let everyone know how the wait…