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What if it rains?

It is Florida after all, where afternoon showers are so infamous that many locals swear they can set their watch by it. During the summer months, this is an almost daily occurrence around 3pm when the heat of the day has built up and collides with cool ocean air from the Gulf and Atlantic coasts. Often the rain passes as quickly as it comes, but you should seek shelter and secure loose items as a precaution. These afternoon showers differ from a frontal weather system which carry stronger storms. Therefore, if you have had the rental out on the lake more than half the day (5 hours or more) and then it starts raining, we will not reschedule another full day. More times than not, the afternoon showers will last 15-30 mins and then blow over and the sun comes back out.

In the case of a major weather frontal system on the morning of your arrival, we will reschedule your rental date around our availability. We DO NOT reschedule a rental date based on ‘forecasted weather’. EXAMPLE: if it is calling for 50% chance of rain and thunderstorms, you still need to come the day of your rental and then be cleared by us for a reschedule. Weather Forecasting is notoriously difficult in Central Florida, and more often than not the day turns out to be bright and sunny. Think of it like this, if the weather is calling for 60% chance of rain, that is also 40% chance of a bright and sunny beautiful day!

If it is a complete rain out day, we will reschedule your reservation or give you a 100% Gift Card value to use for a booking anytime on our website.

We DO NOT cancel, reschedule or refund a booking due to cloudy weather.